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Repairs & Maintenance

One thing that sets AWR Services apart from others utility providers is our response time for emergencies. When there is a leak or wastewater spill, our team is quick to get onsite. We also partner with professional subcontractors who will meet us on the job day, or night. Below are just a few highlights of what our repair teams can do.

  • 24/7 emergency repairs to the district lines
  • Grinder pump installations and repairs
  • Meter reading of mechanical meters
  • Electronic meter installations & remote meter reading
  • Fire hydrant flushing and maintenance
  • Fire hydrant flow tests and painting
  • Line locates for water and sewer
  • Power washing
  • Road maintenance and repairs
  • Storm water collection

Our guys get dirty, but someone has to make the repairs when water and wastewater lines become damaged or have leaks.