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AWR Services, Inc.

With more than 21 years experience in the Utility Management, Water and Waste Water Industry, AWR Services Inc. is a leader in customer care.

Water & Wastwater Operations

  • Licensed operator water and wastewater plant operations
  • Licensed ground water and surface water production
  • Licensed wastewater treatment
  • Storm water collection

Repairs & Maintenance

  • 24/7 emergency repairs to the district lines
  • Grinder pump installations and repairs
  • Meter reading of mechanical meters
  • Electronic meter installations & remote meter reading
  • Fire hydrant flushing and maintenance
  • Fire hydrant flow tests and painting
  • Line locates for water and sewer
  • Power washing
  • Road maintenance and repairs

Customer Service

  • Customer water and wastewater billing
  • On-line water and wastewater payment system
  • Customer communications, including email, phone and text
  • Website consulting
  • District signage
  • Customer start and end service
  • Builder inspection service
  • Ground water reporting
  • Compliance reporting for TCEQ, TWDB and others
  • Deed restriction management

Board Consultant

  • Monthly billing reports
  • Manager reports
  • Attend Board meetings
  • Posting of agendas
  • Special projects as requested
  • Manage landscaping services
  • Manage drainage pond & vegetation services
  • Manage trash and recycle services

Financial Services

  • Rate comparison and analysis
  • Tap fee comparison and analysis
  • Annual budgets
  • Maintenance & CIP plans
  • Provide data for auditors
  • Partner with engineers and bookkeepers