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Board Consultant

Most MUDs and Water Supply Corporations do not have any employees. Boards hire AWR to run the daily operations of their District’s facilities, manage their customer billing and payments, handle customer communication and work with web designers to keep their websites informative and up to date.

Board of Directors are made up of homeowners within the water district and typically do not have much water or wastewater experience. AWR provides insight to help Boards make informed decisions regarding district facilities and operations. We are compliant with all water and environmental agencies, such as Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), U.S. and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to name a few.

AWR takes pride in the personalization we offer to our Boards. Many management companies offer just the basic services. AWR goes the extra mile and will help managing special projects, such as trash service, drainage, pond maintenance, budgets, water rate analysis, tap fee analysis, working with builders and/or developers, and more! We also partner with the top engineer firms on building new or rehabbing old water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, lift stations and other key facilities.

Drought management is another important role we can offer our clients. In central Texas, the weather can change from a rainy season to years with limited rainfall.  Managing drought contingency plans and monitoring customer consumption is key. We take care of violation reporting and actions as deemed by the district’s drought contingency plan.

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