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Financial Services

AWR works with financial planners and bookkeepers to help Boards set their M/O tax rates and Debt tax rates. We will provide all the necessary data to help determine water rates, sewer rates, tap fees, annual budgets and tax rates. It is critical Boards maintain enough money in their operating account to accommodate the day to day operations and maintenance expenses, while saving enough in reserves. In addition, facilities require a lot of cash to maintain and its important districts have a 5 year plan for all capital improvement projects (CIP). We can help you stay on track and make necessary decisions to keep steady accounts.

In depth water rate and tap rate studies are our specialty. Part of keeping a sound budget is knowing when rate changes are necessary. We help boards establish a 5 year plan and forecast needs for now through the future.

We also work with auditors to provide data necessary to keep your board’s annual audit on track.